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 Baby & Toddler Music 

 1-3 years 


 Mini Musicians 

 3-4 years 

Mini Musicians is a fun, creative and exploratory introduction to music for your little one. Although it leans towards the piano, it is a great start on their musical journey towards any instrument with its focus on exploring pitch, patterns and rhythm.


It combines songs, movement, playing piano and chime bars, improvisation and games with fun listening and colouring activities which can be done at home. 


"Children learn a lot in a short space of time, have fun and come home singing snippets of the songs from the session and talking about their learning. High quality resources provided to follow up learning at home and individual advice and guidance given too. The lesson notes are an added bonus so you get to see what your child has been up to and ideas for practising at home. Great value for money and highly recommended!"

~ Mini Musicians Mum


My daughter has lessons with Alison on Fridays after school and she loves them. She’s always so excited to share what she learns, the lesson notes that are shared are a very nice idea. I would highly recommend Long Mynd Music Academy and Alison 100%.

~ Music Explorers Mum

 Music Explorers & Little Rockers

 5-9 years 

 Piano    Drums    Guitar 

  Bass Guitar   Singing 

At this age, children are ready to start learning on a range of instruments. Lessons are fun and creative, encouraging musicianship and good technique through games, improvisation, composition, aural skills and traditional pieces. Learning has never been this fun!!

In LITTLE ROCKERS children get the opportunity to try out guitar, bass guitar, drums, keyboard and vocals, learning songs on all instruments! This is a great chance to get the feel for being in a band and discover which instrument is really YOU.

At this age, practise at home is not obligatory though children who practise are likely to make faster progress. Don't want the hassle of practising at home? Send them along to our Music Meet-ups and, as a bonus, you get an hour to yourself!!



 10+ years 

 Piano    Drums    Guitar  

 Bass Guitar    Ukulele    Singing   

Musicians is the place to be for our older children. In this setting, collaboration is really important and the students have lots of opportunities to voice their opinions and ideas. We use improvisation, composition and listening activities as exploratory exercises, and we are keen to use music that our students know and love alongside our curriculum pieces. 

Children can choose to start in a piano or rock band programme before going on to specialise in their chosen instrument. 


By taking lessons in their groups, it can help form important friendship groups, and we really encourage students at this age to make the most of our Music Meet-ups and our Band or Orchestra rehearsals to get the full social benefits of being a musician!

Band of teenage musicians playing agains

Alison is a fabulous teacher. My daughter looks forward to her weekly class and always comes out happy telling me about what they have done. The updates from the lesson we get sent each week are really good and gives you a good idea what they get up to and the progress. Very professional and lovely lady . Definitely worth booking.

~ Mum