It’s Never Too Early to Start Learning

Music should be fun and available to all! By offering innovative group lessons, we make music accessible and enjoyable for the everyone, giving children the best start on their musical journey.

Did you quit music lessons because you didn't enjoy them?

Do you wish you'd learnt when you were a child?

Are you worried about all that practice?

Our group lessons offer the perfect solution! When children learn with their friends they find it more fun and are motivated to do better by their peers. We email weekly lesson notes to support practice at home, have a private Facebook group where children and parents can share their progress and ask for help with practice, and children are naturally more inclined to practice when they're having fun!! However, we also appreciate that life is hectic and sometimes sitting down with your instrument everyday is just too much - our group lessons are carefully designed so that you will make progress anyway. Music has so many benefits and can truly enrich lives, whether you manage to practise at home or not!

Our unique monthly tuition allows you to budget easily and ensures that our bills will never catch you out.

A pioneering group piano programme that is perfect for children 3-11. Find out more about the programme at:

or get in touch to ask any questions.

An innovative and fun introduction to the woodwind family for children age 4-8. Children can choose to learn the recorder, clarinet or flute on specially adapted instruments which are available to rent from us.

A beginner's introduction to the ukulele for children age 6-11. They learn basic chords, strum patterns, picking techniques and get to choose songs they love to learn. 


Long Mynd Music Studio

The Summer House, Wistanstow

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